Monday, June 22, 2015

Aaron Judge moves up to Scranton, while Flores, Heathcott and Williams try to heal before the trade deadline

Yesterday, the Yankees promoted Aaron Judge - their most celebrated position prospect since Jesus "Ice Cream Sandwich" Montero - up from Trenton to the Scranton/Columbus RailClippers. Judge is 23, but he eats like 40. He stands 6'7" and weighs 275 pounds - C.C. Sabathia territory. At Trenton, Judge was hitting .284 with 12 home runs, (which had him tied for the Eastern League lead.)

Some have speculated that Judge was promoted due to the latest injury - Mason Williams' shoulder - to one of the three Scranton Muskateers: Williams, Slade Heathcott and Ramon Flores. Heathcott came up for a few games and hurt a quad muscle. Williams came up a few games and jammed his shoulder. Flores is now up - second time - and hasn't tweaked any gonads... yet. All three have looked promising, during their brief mayfly flight. And all three are probably on the trading block.

I don't think the Yankees promoted Judge just to spin him like a yo-yo. I think he earned the promotion, and he's ready for Triple A, and his talent trumps all else. (Note: This is hopeful speculation on my part.)

But as the trade deadline nears, we Yankee prospect huggers better not get attached to either or all of the Muskateers. The reason: Carlos Beltran, the ghost of X-mess past. We have him for another long, ugly year. As Brian Cashman looks for a RH bullpen arm (the arrogant, obnoxious - yet still surprisingly effective Papelbon?), it's hard to imagine a trade without one of those three outfielders leaving. (And, yes, Judge could also be on the block, but I don't want to think of such a thing.) 

And let's face it: The trades are coming. Unless we hit a coral reef full of injuries, this is the best shot at a Yankees post-season since 2012. There is no way Cashman will stand pat on this team. The annual July cosmetic nip-and-tuck is his thing.

So... boys, hurry up and heal. And take a good look at the Phillies this week. Your next stop might just be Philadelphia.

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