Saturday, June 13, 2015

Get Ready To Rage

Easy for me to sit around, calmly, and survey the countryside.  Listen to the birds, smell the roses and have an occasional pull on a flask of Crown Royal Reserve.

The world is good.

Then, I start thinking about the Yankees.  About the slimy, stupid, manipulative GM we have.  I tune in the game to find that Mason Williams got a call up.  Mason, despite my certainties of his hopelessness as a future CF fixture in the Bronx, remains young, and a " work in progress."  Such a work, in fact, that he hit over .300 both at AA and AAA.

I had to admit, in a foggy state no doubt, to Duque and Mustang back in the March, that Mason now looked like a ball player.   No longer the 140 pound, angry kid from who knows where, but now a strapping athlete.  And he did pretty well in spring training. 

So, in his debut he strikes out.  The, he becomes the Yankee offense for the night....a two run dinger.  Good for him.  So now, we have paraded Heathcott, Flores and Williams.  To no avail, but we have paraded them.

What is going on?  Is it Cashman's contract review time?  Is he showing the brass that he has nurtured some young prospects in what is jokingly referred to as the, " Yankees' farm system?"

I think it is something more insidious.  I think it is a pre-trade deadline runway of goodies. A virtual fashion show, with the Yankee stadium outfield grass as the runway.

 Anyone wants to dump some contract they can't afford, any team headed no where and willing to exchange former competence for future competence, will line right up to deal.  Cashman should wear a suit that reads, " Suckers."

Yes sirs.  That is what we are seeing.  Cashman plays his trump card and shows the world we have three young outfielders, who can play.  He took a chance here, of course, as they could have collectively gone 0-60, and made bad plays in the outfield.  But his stunt worked.  They each shined.

Soon, Mason will be cycled back to Scranton with the rest of them, but the trade bait has been put on display at the major league level. Throw in a Sorviano and we can get pretty much any dog out there.  Just the dog to solve our growing bullpen problem, or our inability to score runs problem. 

This is the worst nightmare time of year, now, for Yankee fans.  It used to be a good time.  A time for the David Justice piece of the puzzle.  The missing piece that puts us into the world series.

But now, there are too many old and injured pieces to the puzzle missing.  Nothing we can do except blow the future.  Desperately striving to get the wild card invitation to the one game play-in. 

And to no avail, I promise.

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