Thursday, June 18, 2015

With shredded elbows becoming the NFL concussions of baseball, the Yankees turn to another five-out save by Betances

Czar Girardi didn't even make it to the chalk line last night before jerking his right knuckles, indicating this call to the bullpen... brought to you by AAMCO Car Care...  and another chapter in the future memoir of Dellin Betances, to be titled "Becoming Scott Proctor." The result was an October playoff-mode victory - the five-out save! - brought to you by the Yankee Elbow & Shoulder Grindhouse. And it arrived barely one week after the team's previous closer, Andrew Miller, went on shore leave because - well, hoping here - the poor guy simply needed a rest.

So ended the brief spasm of excitement within the YES and Loews broadcast booths that Justin Wilson was justifying the trade of Frankie Cervelli - hitting .316 for Pittsburgh - and becoming the famous "Bridge to Mariano," a slot that has actually been tougher to fill than the closer role itself. The Yankees' 12-man staff is simply too small. The team must continually shuffle arms up from Scranton. We spent last winter loading up on bullpen carbohydrates, yet here we are... calling in the overworked back-up closer for a five-out save against a second-division team... in the merry month of June. Start spreadin' the news... we're leavin' today...

Actually, the scariest part of last night was that Jerkin' Joe had little choice. With Wilson getting cuffed around, who else do you summon from the netherworld seance that doubles as the Yankee bullpen? Whomever you call, it's the Babadook. For all the Lindgrens and Burawas, the Pinders and Ramirezes, the Tracys and Rumbelows of Mordor, Pa., the brain trust still prefers Sergio Santos and Jose DePaula, snatched from baseball's version of the Saigon helicopter airlifts. When our next starter goes out in the fifth - here's to you, Mrs. Capuano! - we might as well call fans from the bleachers to throw the last four.

Shredded arms are the NFL concussions of baseball, and the Yankees are doing their share.

Well, we're a game out in the AL East. We're viable. Jacoby Ellsbury might even return before the ice caps have melted, and Florida is six-inches below the sea. But damn, it's really going to hurt when Betances calls in sick. A five-out save in June? Who ya gonna call in August? Wither goest Mr. Proctor?


John M said...

I've noticed that even Mike 'the Shill' Kay doesn't talk about how great the Yankees bullpen is anymore.

In Yankeeland, that's actually progress of some sort.

Question: how can you stock a bullpen with guys who throw 98 mph, but can't consistently get batters out? How flat can those fastballs be?

KD said...

Joe has quite a predicament on his hands. If we get to the post season with a healthy Miller, Betances, Pineda, and Tanaka, we could ride those horses to a WS win. But to get there, Joe needs to work 'em like rented mules. At least the season is interesting.

Hope to see A-Rod's 3,000 tomorrow. I'd love to witness a non-milestone milestone.

ceeja said...

To hell with that bullshit. This guy's got an arm. Some guys have to be babied. But if you got a guy with an arm you pitch him.

Alphonso said...


He is in a panic. He is well aware of the Yankee's 2 run limit in most games ( e.g. the last three games).

There are ball games where you can just see it. The Yankees have their 2 runs and nothing will change that. Not 15 innings,not an A-Rod miracle, not nothing.

So last night, with a 2-1 lead, Joe sees this a last gasp opportunity for a win. Bettance's arm be damned. Hell, if we are up 2-1 tonight in the 9th, he'll go to him again. I mean it is either Dellin or our back-up first baseman, right?

Joe is feeling the hot, stinky, " I'm not cheap" breath of Hal Steinbrenner threatening him. If the Yankees fail to make the one game play-in again this season, there will be a price to pay. Maybe.

So to hell with the future ( what else is new?).

" To the ramparts...."

jdrny said...

He had Betances warming up twice today with a 5 & 6 run lead.
I hope he has a bionic arm.
He will need it playing for Girardi.