Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If Tex goes down, will the great unraveling begin?

Bad signs yesterday. Bad signs everywhere.

As of now, the days are growing shorter.

Pineda gets hammered. Two more new guys in the bullpen. We lose to one of the saddest teams in baseball. Worst of all, Mark Teixeira gets an MRI on his neck.

Want to know what happens to the Yankees when Tex goes down?

Easy. Look at the last two seasons.

Garrett Jones at first? Ouch. We go from Gold Glove to Stone Glove. And there's nobody - not A-Rod, not McCann, not Beltran - capable of spelling him defensively. (I don't even think Kyle Roller in Triple A is much of a fielder.) Do we play Brendan Ryan at first? Would it come to that? 

Okay. Get a grip. It hasn't happened yet...


ceeja said...

Yes, the omens all look bad.

But if they take 2 of the next games from Philly they will have won their last 2 series.

On the bright side, if they go in the tank, maybe we'll see Judge, Severino, and Bird this year.

p.s. to Juju Gods: of course, I'm not predicting victory the next two games. Woe is me, the Yanks are toast, they will most definitely lose. (wink, wink)

Barry said...

The great unraveling began four years ago--you're a bit myopic on this topic, duque. What you're witnessing now is the inevitable acceleration, not not the beginning.

KD said...

Tex needs gluten. Get him a dinner roll, stat!