Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Half Truths

I saw some interesting commentary, scaled to the minds of the Daily News, from Joe Torre today.

He must sit in a room with Brian Cashman and Hal (" I'm not cheap") Steinbrenner and make this stuff up.

The objective;  " let's convince the fans that we have, indeed, built a fine farm system, and are locked and loaded for an exciting and rewarding future."

So here is what we get:

On announcing that two more no name relievers have been promoted from Scranton: " the fact that we can run lots of guys through here proves that we have a solid farm system."

The Half Truth - it is true that two more no names have checked in to the Bronx Hilton.
Full Truth - they both suck.

So the idea is, as long as we have bodies, it doesn't matter how they perform.  When they fail, we send them back on the bus and bring up two new ones.

Proof:  the two new guys are replacing two previously new guys who performed as follows;

Guy 1 -  pitched 2/3rds of an inning and gave up 6 runs.

Guy 2 - first pitch thrown in the majors went onto the left field seats for a home run.

Both are now back in anthracite country.

Half Truth - Jacoby Ellsbury ( anyone remember him?)- Joe says he is jogging and close to returning to some baseball-related workouts.
Full Truth - he is having his knee re-evaluated at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  As to the baseball activities; he is putting linseed oil on a new glove and trading  1994 rookie cards with Big Poppy Ortiz.

Half Truth - the Yankees are really happy to have an experienced bull pen arm in Sergio Somebody.
Full Truth - he just had Tommy John surgery.

Full Truth - our farm system is dismal.  It is stocked with old failures, a few "never-will-be's", and some talented kids who can't stay healthy.  The future is grim if a world championship is in your dreams.


Alphonso said...

Okay not Joe Torre ( wishful thinking ); Joe Girardi. The scary thing is I proofread this post. Ugh. I need a drink.

Mustang said...

Let's all have a drink; it's Duque's birthday!

John M said...

Happy birthday, Duque!

Alphonso...it doesn't matter which last name you use. They both suck. I was so glad to get rid of Torre, I didn't understand that his replacement would be just as bad or perhaps worse. Lesson learned.

KD said...

Happy Birthday, Duque!