Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let's not pop a Willie on the Redsock demise just yet

Boston lost again today, crushed by the ever-lowly Blue Jays.

Once upon a time, I could easily take delight over Redsockian hopelessness. I could laugh at their sad, feeble existence - snicker at their fate as also-rans... certain that the juju gods would never hold me accountable.

That peace of mind died in October of 2004.

It will never return.

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ceeja said...

This team has bad to mediocre pitching -- both starters and relievers.

They can hit (or they should hit), but bottom line is they are a last place team who let Lester go and who added one moron (Ramirez) and one pretty good hitter (Sandoval) to their batting order (while subtracting Cespedes). Just what made all the experts think this team was so great to begin with? These guys out-hype the Yankees.

Maybe their young players pan out and they put together a good team. But I don't see that happening this year.