Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello Again, Campers

I've been up in the Adirondacks making sure the family is growing.

You thought I was gone for the season?  You will be well sick of my sight by that time.  So we might as well try to keep this " business-like," and on a professional level.

I saw some of you getting excited with the play of Flores.  His defense was as good as we have seen from anyone, in a long time.  And he started to find his batting stroke.  Three hits in his last game.

I did you all a favor, getting him sent back to Scranton without injury.  I took the round about method, using other injuries to clog up the system so that someone ( with options remaining ) had to go.  Naturally, I selected the young, interesting one that was turning heads.  Maybe your general manager can now package him up in a trade for some worn out, old guy.  Trading deadlines are approaching.

Remember;  youth and talent will not serve this organization.

So how do you like the team now?  Brendan Ryan fighting Stephen Drew, and Didi for playing time.  (Pirela gets a ticket to the coal mines, too).

As for Miller?  Two weeks on the DL is my standing joke.  Was Tanaka two weeks?  Was Capuano ?  And how about Jacoby?  Joe says, " could be a week or so, we are still not sure."  I can't even remember when Jacoby was in center.

Just a note for the record; Jacoby is curing his injured knee with the "rest" approach, just as Tanaka  "rested" his injured forearm and elbow. So far so good.  But when it really matters, when their health is paramount to the team's success, please keep an eye out for me.

More importantly;  this team is now impossible to watch. 

I liked Miller; I liked Heathcott; I liked Flores. I even liked the idea of Pirela.

But I can't abide the notion that we waited all this time for Brendan Ryan.  I just don't get that.  When signs appeared that Didi is starting to "settle in," we can now convert to a platoon of shortstops?  Sit Didi down for a career utility thirty year-old? Make sure both players are demoralized and lose their batting eyes? 

It's going to a long 7 days, starting tomorrow.  And hot.

I'm staying close to the water.

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John M said...

We will be administrated and managed into the ground.

First sign: screwing around with a team doing better than it ever should.

Although maybe the first sign was playing Beltran. Hard to say.