Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yesterday, John Sterling scaled the summit of human peace and contentment

Now and then, you catch a glimpse of why we were put on this spinning clump of whatnot, floating out here in the firmament of whatever.

You stare into the unbridled smile of human joy, and you realize that - yes! - life is worth cherishing, and that every moment of happiness is as eternal as time, itself. We must never again fear death, for we have already been blessed with God's greatest gift of all:

The Yankees.

Yesterday, such a moment unfolded for none other than The Master, himself, John Sterling. It came after Mark Teixeira had homered against Seattle, giving the Yankees a one-run lead. John had shouted his "Tex Message" home run cry, and Suzyn Waldman was providing color commentary. She said that Tex is back, and that mathematical projections had shown that - with 15 home runs coming into the game - he would finish the season with 45 round-trippers.

"Forty-five home runs," Suzyn said. "And you better believe that Joe Girardi would take that a heartbeat."

John pondered this, chuckled and replied:

"Now, 48 home runs!"

Yes, he was already cashing the check.

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Hermodorus said...

I too enjoyed that bit. IT was a nice moment.

Also funny when The Master said Kevin Kernan was the sunshine of his life (although the musical reference seemed a bit contemporary for the Master).