Monday, June 8, 2015

Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot... now what? The bipolar Yankees will either straighten out or snap

They started the season going 3-6. Then came a stretch of 18-6. They followed it by losing 10 of 11. Now, they have won six straight. The question now causing your teeth to grind: WTF now? And the answer, whether you sit in Giardi's dugout or your living room peanut gallery, is simply, Damned if I know...

It is nearly Juneteenth, and we are about to learn if the 2015 Yankees - of the new, user-friendly A-Rod Version 5.0 - are a legitimate AL division power, or a wobbling suspension bridge that is about to fall into the Hudson. This is when at least one AL East team will sharpen its act for the second-half, and one will likely bid us farewell. All you need is a schedule.

This month, the Yankees only play three games against AL East teams (the O's, late this week.) They do the Nats, Marlins, Tigers, Astros and poor, sad Philly. It's a mixed bag, but if we've learned anything thus far, it's that the Ruthian Rollercoasters are capable of beating - or losing to - anybody, including the nuns of St. Mary's. But while the Yankees take on the NL East, the Redsocks play 13 of 20 games within the division. The O's play 12, and Toronto plays 11. (The Rays only play six.) What does all this mean? The honest answer is, damned if I know... but there is something in play here.

Either Boston, Baltimore or Toronto is going to emerge soon as the Yankees prime competition. If we keep winning, or straighten out, we can probably cross one of those teams off the list. But if we follow this recent hot stretch with a pile of losses - negating the gains of last week - Judgement Day could come with the solstice.

Either way, I'd still rather be us than Boston, which faces a clear and looming crossroads. If the Redsocks get hot, they will vault back into the race - (they were never out of it) - and put Baltimore or Toronto into a sleeper hold. But if they play cold, Papi Hour could come early. They could be selling at the All-Star break, like last year, and I wouldn't want to be listening to talk radio in Boston, if that comes to pass.

So what is it, Yankees? All season, I've refused to get my hopes up - thinking injuries and age will soon topple the dominoes. Even in first place, the Yankees looked like merely the best cupcake in a bad batch. Do we dare start thinking this team can win?


Alphonso said...

Are you nuts?

No. You may not dare to begin thinking that the Yankees might win.

They are old and weak.

They still have Stephen Drew and are making ready to dump a young hitter ( Pirela ) in favor of an old non-hitter ( Ryan somebody ), who has been re-habbing all season .

A bit after that, the injury prone Ellsbury will replace the interesting-looking prospect, Flores.

So we will be older, slower and more injury prone.

As for starting pitching, it is an illusion. Tanaka has the elbow; Ivan Nova will find something new to injure and Pineda will drive a convertible into a garbage truck whilst coming back at dawn from some nightclub in Florida.

Take another pill and get with the program.

joe de pastry said...

OK, I can't stand the stress any more. So let's get this over with. Yes, I believe in this team, and I believe that Cashman is smarter than I thought he was. Now that I've said it and gotten my hopes up, the epidemic of injuries and slumps will begin, they'll fall down to fourth place, and I can find some other hopeless cause to believe in.

ceeja said...

I picked them to finish fourth but their starting pitching looks good and their hitting is much better than the grim thing I had expected. So, yes, of course they could win this thing. But there is no need to make bonehead moves at the trade deadline. If they take a half-season rental on a salary dump, fine -- it's Steinbrenner's money and I want to see him spend it. But if they want to add people, promote from within.

Not Anonymous said...

Somehow, fangraphs has the yankees projected to have the best record in the American League right now (with only 87 wins!)

I have no idea.

jdrny said...

They must keep Perela.
Ryan can't hit above .200 just like Drew.

KD said...

Ryan is still a featured player on the Stadium jumbotron (in those little games/interviews they put up there as diversions during downtimes). This even though he hasn't played a single inning in 2015. so, yeah. he'll be back. maybe one of you guys can tell me why.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sterling diagnosed them as schizophrenic.