Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Time For Reflection

It appears that the Yankees do have a youth movement.

We have, in the last two games, unearthed two fine, young pitchers. ( Montgomery -24 and Severino-23 ).

From the outset, Aaron Judge (25)  and Gary Sanchez (24) have flashed potential stardom, if not better.

Greg Bird (24), once he learns that being able to play is better than playing hurt, could become a
major asset.

A few dudes in the bullpen are pretty young ( Gallegos -25; Chad Green - 26: Jonathan Holder - 23;  Brian Mitchell - 26; Chasen Shreve -26

Didi is young ( 27 ), and a dude.

Castro is young ( 27 ), and a dude.

Romine ( 28 ) and Torreyes ( 24 ) are pretty young and of higher quality ( as depth ) than we are used to.

In the minors, some top prospects:

Andjuhar 3B is 22
Tyler Austin ( IR ) still only 25
Refsnyder - still only 26 ( seems like 80 )
Williams - still only 25

The above players are on the 40 man roster.  The real studly prospects are not.  But we all know they are young and chomping at the bit for opportunity;  Chance Adams, Torres, Frazier, Fowler, etc.

If we can get lucky, and stay with the plan, this might be a great team to watch for several years.  Because you just know that someone we never heard of is going to emerge from obscurity.  And that will be even better.


cabish47 said...

A positive outlook from some posters and commenters is welcome. However, from the custodian of the Black Swan we expect negativity. This departure into the world of hope and optimism is unsettling. Please refrain from further excursions into regions to which you do not generally journey. The cosmic balance is now discombobulated.

No doubt disaster awaits.

Alphonso said...

You are right. I had hit a wall and was concussed.

It won't happen again.

joe de pastry said...

Here comes a sweep by the Athletics.
Alphonso has released the Kraken!