Wednesday, May 10, 2017

And now for something different...

My sons, Hart and Kyle, are in a rock'n'roll band called Sheer Mag. Visitors to this site already know them from long ago - mangy adolescents - as "The Deadly Spinners," creators of "The WinWarble Song."  

Their music has been described as "eighties power-pop garage punk skuzz," though some people like to call it "Dad Rock." (I prefer that, as well.) 

Today - on strategic off-day from the Yankees - they have released a single. Take a listen.  


DutchFan said...

My associations were
Boston - Heart - Oasis in that order
Could get a feel for this;
I did buy Boston and Oasis..........

el duque said...

Astute comparisons. For fun, they have played in a Boston cover band.

Alphonso said...

Isn't this a bit like Trump announcing his new Moscow Hotel in a press conference on the subject of firing the FBI leader?

Nonetheless, they are great. They are talented as hell.

And I couldn't hit a curve. Actually, it was a sinker.


Buhner's Ghost said...

Sure beats Robert Merrill singing God Bless America. Which Yankee will use it as his walk-up song?