Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Is The Point Of Watching?

I just watched the Yankee " strike out " parade.  I can't stand it.  What is the point of watching?  Listening is even worse, because there is some tension.  Watching is plain to see.

The Yankee hitter just suck and belong in the cellar.

Yankee second inning:

Judge, supposedly out on a weak foul pop-up (just off first base), is saved by an error.  What does he do?  He watches the best pitch he will see all day cut the middle of the plate for strike three.  Standing there.  Pink bat in hand.  Wondering if he will ever hit another homer?

Headley quickly follows with his own version of striking out. And then Castro watches another third strike.

Why watch this?  Nothing ever happens.  If the Yankees get runners on base, the strike outs return.  It is a total waste of time.

This parade of ineptitude, to me, suggests that the run we have is the run we get in game one.

Nothing more.

Luis has to pitch 8 innings of shut-out ball, and Dellin has to close out the game.

 Otherwise, we lose.

By the way, the chances of us winning 1-0 are as close to zero percent as one can get.  I did the math.


DutchFan said...

Even though, back to back is always fun

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fonz, we needed that.... and congratulations, Dutch Fan! LB (No J)