Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Winner .....

For the world to know:

El Duque, our revered leader, nailed it yesterday.

He accurately predicted, almost to the last out, Monty's performance yesterday.  And Monty nailed it, also.  He did exactly what I said he had to do; go seven innings ( he went 6 2/3 ); 98 pitches; 1 run or less, 6K's and no walks.

He stood tall when he needed to stand tall.  One can only hope that this will help establish his confidence in himself.

El Duque was, hands down ( what the fu*k does that mean, anyway?), the contestant who most closely predicted his performance and his stats.

 The one thing that prevented him from earning the new BMW ( did I forget to mention the prize yesterday?), is that Duque did not identify and respond to the, " diabolical factor," of the poll.  Specifically, he failed to identify if the Yankees would win or lose, following Monty's great performance.  Stats are one thing; but it matters if you win or lose the game.

My guess is that he would have, in his juvenile enthusiasm, prophesied that the Yankees would win such a well-pitched game.

Sadly, they lost.  A true pineapple loss, as the bullpen ( mostly Adam Warren ) imploded.

So Duque will just have to keep driving his heap.

See you next time.


Ken of Brooklyn said...

I was just about to post my congratulations to El Duque last night, then, the bottom fell out of the bullpen bucket.

Here's a thought, maybe the Reverse JuJu gods are angry with our new found 'outward' enthusiasm, things were going so well when we could 'never never never win' the next game, LOL!

Leinstery said...


But we must also note that if the wind was blowing out just a tad, then he gives up about 5 homeruns.

Alphonso said...

You are right. He did get whacked. Nonetheless, the record is what the record shows. An out is an out.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

The el duque outfield plan is about to be implemented. least for a couple of weeks.

13bit said...

Well, I was going to come up with something sophomoric and a little filthy to explain the etymology of "hands down," possibly mixing in a little of the IBS lady, just for some added flavor, but I decided to submit to Mr Google, who returned this fairly unsatisfying *possible* explanation. Any etymology that begins with the verb "seems" is not necessarily to be trusted. In fact, you almost KNOW there is more to the story than this. Merriam's says the first recorded usage was in 1853, but this offers us very little, as well. Perhaps I'll spend the night in bed, thinking of alternate possible derivations of the phrase. And maybe I will incorporate the 19th Century version of the IBS lady, along with the pre-Civil War version of Suzyn Waldman. Anyway, here's what that fat old Internet says about it:

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Question 1:

is it me or is this the first time I've seen Judge without the eye black?

Question 2:

Does this ruin it for you or make you more horny for IBS lady:

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Bid head just dissed Syracuse.

Mentioned the Columbus Clippers but not the Chiefs.

John M said...

Hold on. The IBS lady is Ilana Becker? Really? Wow. I thought she had a career going there.

Obviously I never watched the commercials very closely. Her get-up doesn't do much for me, and the wife gave out with a shocked "You're kidding!" when I mentioned that some guys find IBS gal attractive. Dames.

Alphonso said...

Thanks for the research 13bit.

I think the porno implication holds the day ( what the hell does that mean?).