Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Doing The Math...

 Let me get this straight:

1.  Last year, before the Yankees ( read;  Brian Cashman ) acquired him in July, Frankie Montas had two stints on the injured list due to " shoulder inflammation."  One of these "time outs" occurred just before Cashman pulled the trigger on the deal. I will simply point out that, to some,  shoulder related " sit-downs" for a pitcher are kind of a red flag. 

2.  The Yankees ( Cashman ) traded three starting pitchers for this injured reliever.  Those starters were Ken Waldichuk, JP Sears, and Luis Medina. The Yankees are already becoming a bit thin with their starting rotation, with names like German and Clarke Schmidt getting serious consideration for the top five. 

3.  After the trade, Montas pitched 39 innings for the Yankees to a 6.35 ERA.  Which is basically what any failure could do. I think the " little Pedro" we have in Scranton has a better ERA than that. 

4.  Instead of reporting for duty with pitchers and catchers at George Steinbrenner field this week, therefore, Frankie is scheduled for Tuesday shoulder surgery.

5.  Boone is optimistic that Montas could be back late in the season, depending on "what they find when they open him up."  Boone is also optimistic that Josh Donaldson will win the gold glove this year, and hit 35 homers to a .306 BA. 

6. The topper to this fine trade orchestrated by our recently " extended " ( by contract ) GM, is that Montas is set to be a free agent after this season. Cashman must believe in flexibility for all. 

Is it any wonder that the brilliant, and dedicated baseball guy ( owner Hal Steinbrenner) gave Cashman a new contract, securing him for years to come?  I mean, who can make deals this good?  Who sees what Brian sees? experiences the greatest teacher. 

Every team needs a GM who opens the throttle to full ahead, when the freighter is headed for the iceberg.  


Eddhall69 said...

Right now I think Joe Biden is a more effective leader than Ca$hman.

The Archangel said...

Cashman should do the noble thing and commit hari kari

BTR999 said...

Not Harry Carey though…

Publius said...

Let's not forget.. Montas was the rotation replacement for, even an "upgrade" over, Monty. For about 5 minutes, Cash thought he'd substantially upgraded the starting rotation and centerfield of the team with far and away the best record in baseball. Hubris, as always, invites nemesis.

Doctor T said...

It must be nice to be born to privilege. No matter how badly Cashman screws up, he always gets rewarded with greater opportunities.

MJ said...

Guy with a bum shoulder and bad "away" numbers.

Your offer: several very solid prospects, one of whom passed a couple tests in the show.


If you wanted passionately to fuck up your team's future, what would you do differently?

(Unless Lou Trivino gets Cy Young votes, in which case it's genius.)

The Archangel said...

They [Cashman and Hal] were played like fools by both A's and Montas.
A's send damaged goods , which somehow slid past "the best surgical staff in MLB".

Montas delays everything until his last season of arbitration has been contracted and "pinky swears" that he will still try to pitch this season and gets his money.

[Real question. Could the Yanks have DFA'ed this off season or is there some new rule about that in the new CBA. I kinda lost interest in reading Labor Law related contract crap cuz I did enough of that before I retired.]

Frankie done good fro himself. He turms 30 this March , has managed to make approximately 16 million in his career and can come back next year and get, at least one of those "make good" contracts to start his 31- years old season. Rehab is a bitch, I know cuz I have a whole new shoulder, but 7.5 mill helps those grueling rehab sessions

Meanwhile, a family of four needs a SBL to attend a game

JM said...

Cashman is an idiot. And Hal signed him to a new contract. So what does that make Hal?

edb said...

Boone is an ass-licking, everything is wonderful BS artist and politician. This goes down as another Genius Cashman poor trade for a starter.