Thursday, February 9, 2023

Is Football Over?

I discovered a bunch of new whiskey and cocktail blends, so the off season was not a total waste.

I thought I would jump on a few bandwagons you all have brought to my attention:

1.  Montas will not pitch an inning for the Yankees this year. And nothing will happen to Cashman. 

2.  Cashman will " double down" this upcoming trade deadline, and try to make up for the horrors he    created last summer.  Get ready for a night in the swamp.  He will be undressed.  Again. 

3.  Otahni, if he comes east, will land in Queens or Boston.  

4.  Volpe will be wasted and ruined by the Yankees.

5.  Jessica Dominguez won't show either. 

6.  Judge will not have close to the year he had last season. 

7.  Two of our starting five pitchers will be on the DL by mid May. 

8.  We will be watching NFL Giants and Jets training camps in August, and not the Yankees. 

There is no excitement here.  Who wants to watch the same, tired team a year later?


el duque said...

Aside from that, how do you really feel?

TheWinWarblist said...

Team? There's a team? Where?

Retired Stratman said...

You forgot to say Nestor Cortez will wreck his arm in the WBC.

JM said...

Stratman, you can say the same for Lasagna. And who knows what evil awaits Higgy in the "Classic"?

I have one more terror-inducing item to add to Alphonso's list--well, actually, more of an amplification of one of his predictions:

The reason Judge won't have anywhere near as good a year as 2022 is because he gets injured.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Dauntless Leader! You're back!

"Where have you gone oh Alphonso
A website turns its lonely eyes on you