Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Yankees are still suffering from the 2018 draft.

The other day on his Pantheon site - (required reading, well worth the subscription) - the great Mike Axisa called the 2018 Yankee draft "awful," and he might be charitable with that description. 

I suppose there's still time for kids to breakout. Late bloomers, you know? But for now, the most impactful player signed from that draft might turn out to be RHP Sean Boyle, a 25th round pick, who should start in Scranton this year.

Take a gander at the top 15 selections. Ouch. (On this list, the lone Major Leaguer, Franklin German, went to Boston in the Adam Ottavino trade. The Redsocks DFAed him last week. Thus... O for 15.)


borntorun999 said...


JM said...

Brandon Lockridge. Sounds like he could've been the rich kid on Dobie Gillis.

To be fair, these guys were pretty much far down the list of draftees overall. That's what happens when our "just good enough" team always makes the playoffs. We don't get the benefits of tanking or the benefit of winning rings.

A really solid B student. 27 World, that's good enough.

Eddhall69 said...

Just 2018? 2017 - Clarke Kent and no one else. 2019 - Volpe, 2020 - Austin Wells, and crickets. The Ca$hman has traded everyone else of significance for Frankie Montes, and other assorted fools.

ranger_lp said...

From Jon Heyman…

Gray Fenter, RHP, signs minors deal with Yankees. Formerly in Orioles and Giants organizations, he had a 2.95 ERA and 32 strikeouts in 21 1/3 innings for the Lancaster Barnstormers last year.

Doug K. said...

Wow that is pretty pathetic.

After reading it I thought, "Well maybe all their attention was on signing 2018 International Free Agents. So I looked it up.

Nope. Ineptitude all around.

Osiel Rodriguez, rhp, Cuba (No. 5 prospect)
Antonio Gomez, c, Venezuela (No. 14 prospect)
Denny Larrondo, rhp, Cuba (No. 43 prospect) -- $550,000 signing bonus
Agustin Ramirez, c, Dominican Republic (No. 48 prospect)
Mauro Bonifacio, of, Dominican Republic
Juan Carela, rhp, Dominican Republic -- $335,000 signing bonus
Maikol Escotto, ss, Dominican Republic -- $350,000 signing bonus
Marcos Cabrera, ss, Dominican Republic
Dayro Perez, ss, Dominican Republic
Rafael Severino, rhp, Yankees
Kevyn Camacho, c, Venezuela
Miguel Vargas, lhp, Venezuela
Jesus Rodriguez, c, Venezuela
Kevin Alcantara, of, Dominican Republic (No. 15 prospect)
Jose Colmenares, ss, Venezuela
Christopher Familia, of, Dominican Republic
Nicolas Garcia, c, Dominican Republic
D'Vaughn Knowles, of, Bahamas
Starling Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ignacio Radney, rhp, Dominican Republic
Tyrone Yulie, rhp, Dominican Republic
Alexander Vargas, ss, Cuba
Jose Chambuco, rhp, Venezuela

No one. Not a single player made the big club. It's been five years. Total washout.

I know we say it a lot but it is AMAZING that Cashman keeps his job.

HoraceClarke66 said...

No one's made the playoffs, and no one of that top 15—or the international picks—has even been seriously talked about as having a future.

I remember writing at the time that the 2 catchers at the top were a disaster, and sure enough, Jamie-Lynn Siegler and Bro have been surpassed in the depth charts by Wells and others.

Thanks for illustrating this so well, guys. It's simply ridiculous. Anyone could have done better picking names out of a hat.

The Archangel said...

Realistically, So few make it, but this seems incredibly inept.
I've lost track, but didn't we have a different Director of Scouting back then?

Maybe there is hope.


edb said...

The Yankees are suffering from a non leader in The Genius, who clearly is overrarted as a GM. He has a big hand in Yankees scouts and leadership, whom he listens to.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Sorry, meant "No one's made the majors..."