Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Again, I jujued the entire first three innings to foster a 4-0 lead

Longtime readers know that this is not one of those obnoxious, self-glorifying blogs that is all about me, me, me. It's about John. It's about Suzyn. It's about the Yankee Code. But during Hope Week, the period each season when the Bombers claim moral superiority over other teams - and thus win gain extra respect from the juju gods - we all must be especially attentive to whatever we are personally doing during Yankee broadcasts. We need to help our heroes win ballgames.

Monday night I missed the first three innings of the win over Cleveland because I was doing something. I'm not going to say what I was doing. Frankly, it's nobody's business. This isn't Gawker. This isn't the Discovery Channel. Nobody needs to hear about my personal antics. But let me be clear: Nobody my age should do what I was doing for three long innings every single goddamm night. You'll blow a cork.

In another week, I would drop the move. But during Hope Week, our team deserves more. So Monday night, when I returned to the game and found that we were leading by 6-0, I resolved to spend the first three innings of Tuesday night doing the same thing, regardless of the physical and emotion consequences. And I gotta tell you: It's not easy doing it for three innings. But I did. And when I was finished last night, the Yankees were leading 4-0. Not quite the same as Monday: I sort of ran out of gas. But I did it. For three long innings. I'm telling you, at my age, some things are hard to do for three innings. If I were 22 again, hell, I could go nine. I could play a doubleheader. But for now, three innings is pushing the limit.

But I will do it again tonight. Why? Because I'm a Yankee fan. And it's Hope Week. And it's fun, at least for a while.

Three innings. The things I do to win a pennant.


Roy Cohn said...

I understand that Mustang was MIA during those same times. Hey, whatever rocks your boat and for the sake of good juju...

Kei G. Bird said...

Cut out the juju. We're running out of pitchers.