Saturday, June 16, 2012

Since the International Juju Intervention, the Yankees are the hottest team in baseball, winners of seven in a row, 9 out of 10, and 17 of 21.

And yet Joe Girardi thinks he has done it.

"Obviously, I can’t do this without the coaches and the players and the front office,” said Girardi, who has won 421 games with the Yankees. “They give me an opportunity to do this. They play hard and they are the ones who win the games.”

That's OK. Fans are always overlooked in the MVP balloting. We expect anonyminity. Some of us even go by that name. We prefer to sit in the wings, cheering the stars' big solo moments.

But it all started with the Juju Intervention.

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MUSTANG said...

You really should count the loss the Yankees suffered the night of the National Juju Intervention. Any honest person would do the same.