Saturday, June 16, 2012

Letter to the Editor: I don't hate the Yankees.

The Boston Herald
June 11, 2012 Monday
Dear Editor,

In response to Steve Bulpett's column ('Easy cheering Green,' June 7), as a Celtics fan dating to the Cousy/Russell era, I do not hate the Heat. The Heat are made up of fine athletes who perform well on the court, just as the Celtics do. I respect them as professionals. And I don't hate the Yankees. Or the Canadiens. Or the Giants. I don't hate Eli or Peyton or A-Rod. And I didn't hate Jean Beliveau.
Just being a faithful fan doesn't require hating anybody. In California two people assaulted a man to the point of physical and mental disability because of misplaced hatred. So knock off the childishness.
Tom Scott

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coolnewyorker said...

"I hate the Red Sox!!!"

There, I said it...openly.

I hate it when Sports "hatred" among fans is being taken literally.

Sports rivalry is always fueled by "hatred" not only among athletes themselves but among fans. And yet they cannot wait till they clash. And they play their best against each other. Pure bad blood!

I cannot imagine Yanks/Red Sox rivalry without us hating each other. I cannot stand the Red Sox and the Red Sox cap wearing fans in NYC bars. Idiots!!!