Tuesday, June 12, 2012


NOVA: "I didn't have my best stuff today, but I made pitches when I needed it... 
When you don't have your best stuff, you have to fight!" 
BECKETT: "..."


manx said...

It's a Rallye BMW A-Bomb from A-Rod. Located at 1 Brush Hollow Road in Westbury on Long Island. BMW makes the cars and Rallye makes the difference. That's also not far from London Jewelers in Manhassett. This call to the bullpen is sponsered by Kars for Kids. That's Kars with a K. 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS.

manx said...

Wow one of the greatest Rallye BMW Moments John has ever seen. It's a Rallye like made out of Hollywood or like in Boston. Nick is Swishalicous just like a Frosty from Wendy's. I think I'm stopping at Wendy's after this game so I can eat great even late.

Remember 2009 when Joe Girardi got ejected down in Atlanta and we never looked back since.

MUSTANG said...

Manx, do you take requests? Don't forget Black Bear premium franks and sausages, and Black Bear mustard.

manx said...

The Indian Point Energy Center Power Report sponsored by the region's most reliable energy center is the Yankees lead the majors with 95 home runs. And for every home run your local Hyandai dealer will donate $100.

I'm located in Williamsport, PA and we don't have a Shop Rite here. Even worse we don't have an affiliate of the Yankees Radio Network driven by Jeep! The nearest affiliate is WELM ESPN Radio Elmira/Corning or hope that the flagship WCBS comes in. I have to listen on my AtBat app like Suzyn. When I visit NJ soon I plan on stopping at the local Shop Rite the exclusive home of Black Bear premium franks and sausages. They are prepared in the German tradition.

Stay tuned for the Reynolds Wrap Up Report, John will have highlights, sounds of the game, and Suzyn's Clubhouse Report.