Sunday, June 10, 2012


TEX: "Winning helps!" 
PEDROIA: "I'll get hits--don't worry!" 


manx said...

These Rallye BMW Moments never get old and that brings us to the Yankees Power Report sponsored by Indian Point Energy Center. The Yankees lead the majors with 91 homeruns.

manx said...

What a game! I can't wait to listen to my favorite segment, the Highlights on the Reynolds Wrapup Show. You know Reynolds is the newest sponsor on the Yanks Radio Network and John was so excited about the other day. He's been using Reynolds Wrap for years.

manx said...

I forgot mention the highlights are sponsered by Taco Bell. Sometimes you gotta live MAS. Russell Martin earned the WCBS Drive of the Game sponsered by your Tri-State Audi Dealers. Stop by your local Audi dealers and check out an A6. Russell also earned the WCBS Turning Point of the game. Tune in tomorrow to WCBS with Brad Heller and you could win a Croton Watch!