Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Did I Miss Anything?

The South Mexican dirt field League is on break for its all star game, so I hopped a bus north and hope to arrive in the upstate NY area a few days prior to July 4th weekend.

With any luck, the NYY Scranton turnpike babies will be in town and we can get a preview of the Yankee's near term future at Syracuse's famous astro field.

Our club in Mexico is 2-22 so far, but two kids made the all star team.  Ruben Sierra and his 16 year old roomie, Orlando Vegas.  Ruben is playing like the old days in KC and , last night, shared a quart of local tequila with me.  He tells me that Brett is done for the year.  He also says Pineda will miss next year as well as this one.

So I hear the Yankees are doing great, even though the team is league last in batting with RISP.

I can tell you that I managed to participate in the international JU-JU intervention, which led to the famed winning streak.

It kind of shook me out of my doldrums, and I came to terms with my early season failures at negative JU-JU.  Some of you may recall, that almost everyone of several dire predictions came true.

Since then, and whilst south of the border, I have been so hung over and dis-connected from the Yankees, that I think my Ju-Ju skills are experiencing a re- awakening.  On their own.

Case in point:

I didn't watch an inning of the last Mets/Yankees game when RJ Dickey pitched, and I didn't watch an inning last night in the 7-1 win vs Cleveland.

Guess what I won't be doing tonight, either?

Time will tell if my powers are fully returned.  It's like coming back from Tommy John surgery.

One game at a time.

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kateupton'snavel said...

If the Yankees win, but you don't watch even though you could have, what's the point of being a fan?