Saturday, June 9, 2012

In marathon double-super runoff, Mariano Rivera is named May ITISHIGH/LUNCHABLES Yankee Employee of the Month

Congratulations, Mo,
alias "Mr. May"

And get well soon.


manx said...

Why can't we get Scott from Scott's to visit the Lowe's Broadcast Booth?

John M said...

What about Oscar from Oscar Mayer? Or Lansky from Meyer Lansky?

Nobody you really want ever visits the Lowe's Broadcast Booth. Maybe Mo can drop in once in a while after his surgery. Better than drinking PBRs and sending the butler for another pillow for the footstool.

MUSTANG said...

Remember when Hideki Matsui was a Yankee? And his plate appearances were sponsored by Ichiban?


Special Kei said...

Yeah, may as well go with Mo. The IIH EOM Curse already got him.