Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Mets juju doesn't work

The Mets’ good-luck clubhouse chicken was sent down to the farm yesterday after the Amazin’s lost to the Yanks Saturday — but the move didn’t help last night.
The brassy bird — dubbed “Little Jerry Seinfeld” — was handed over at Citi Field yesterday to a rep from an upstate animal sanctuary by zany Mets reliever Tim Byrdak, who bought the fowl as a prank Saturday.
“Little Jerry found himself a new home,” the left-hander said before the bird was given to the Farm Sanctuary of Watkins Glen. “He avoids the fryer and the oven and everything else you can cook a chicken with.”


John M said...

Watkins Glen, home of some serious racing.

How much you want to bet that this bird never made it farther north than Sylia's up in Harlem? Now nestled next to some collards with bacon and black eyed peas...getting hungry just thinking about it...

Throwing at Youk's head will never be the same with a White Sox helmet on him. But it won't be bad, just different.

jarndyce said...

I guess Byrdak must have been transporting the bird when Cano hit the homer off of Batista.