Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boston unveiled its Cuban "Brett Gardner with power" last night

Say what you wish about Martin Prado - a fine, scrappy player, when not lying on a hospital gurney - but if not for the $22 million that Hal spent on Prado, we might have out-gunned the Redsocks to sign 27-year-old Rusney "Brett Gardner with Power" Castillo.

Last night, the Redsocks played their new Cuban plug-in. He went one for four. Brace yourselves, because we'll hear all about him next week. Boston fans are stoned over the Yankee collapse, thinking they'll rebound, while we spin our wheels through the final four years of Brian McCann.

There is one hope, though. Next week, the Yankees will attend an MLB stool sample and mouth check session for 23-year-old Yasmani Tomas, the next big cigar to come out of Havana. Tomas is built like an NFL domestic abuser, plays RF and has prison tower power. He could cost $100 million, and keep in mind that Boston has gobs of cash lying around, collecting dust. Also, they have an actual farm system, with three young impact players on the way for 2015. Add a HR-hitting OF, and they could catapult past us.

Tomas' auction will be the first sign of how Marshmallow Hal reacts to the money-burning funeral train known as the 2014 Yankees.

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