Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How we get to the Canyon of Heroes (Revised)

Yes, it's difficult... but so was sending a cute robot to Mars, and the last time I checked, our little American rover was climbing Mount Curiosity! I'm old enough to remember when the fate of earth hinged on a ragtag group of Texas oil well drillers, who were shot into space to blow up a nasty old asteroid. What if Bruce Willis - (R.I.P., sir) - had said, "Oh, this is too tough, we can't do it!" Dammit, Ben Affleck would never have made "Argo!"

Here's all that needs to happen.

1. We sweep the last five games.

2. The A's and/or Royals lose their last five. The Mariners go 3-2, and the Indians go 3-1, leading to a four way tie for the Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Playoff Slot. (WCAFSGPS).

3. We win the Round Robin Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Slot playoff. (RRWCAFSGSP)  In the first round, we beat either KC, Cleveland or Seattle. Then we beat the other first-round advancing team in the Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Slot Championship Playoff. (WCAFSGSCP)

4. We beat Oakland, whatever, whoever took the Regular Season Wild Card Home-Field Single Game Slot, (RSWCHFSGS) at their home park in the Wild Card Single-Game One-and-Done Playoff. (WCSGOADP).

5. We beat the Angels, who have the AL's best record, in the five-game American League Divisional Series. (ALDS)

6. We beat the winner of the ALDS between Baltimore and Detroit in the seven-game American League Championship Series. (ACLS)

7. We beat the National League champions in the seven-game World Series.

8. Parade down Canyon of Heroes. Speeches at City Hall. Movie deal. Peace and prosperity. Free beer and massive drugs for all. Appearance by God. Revolution against lizard people overlords. 


Moneyplays said...

MLB postseason probability finally has the Yankees down to zero. It was hovering around 1% or less the past week. So yeah, hospice care should mercifully come to an end today.

KD said...

it is over. now, even Girardi can finally admit the next few games are all about Jeter.