Monday, September 15, 2014

Speaking of Baseball, Ayn Rand, Who Would Have Loved The Yankee Stadium Moat, Flopped In Theaters This Weekend

Despite, or because of, cameo appearances by Sean Hannity and Ron Paul, Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? took in less money than a Legends Suites food action station. Gladdened by the news, I did a lurk-and-gloat at some Rand fansites. My favorite comments:
Kittyhawk: We drove about 45 minutes to see a 11:40 showing of ASIII on Friday in the Tampa area with our six year old, who said after, "I like Atlas Shrugged. Let's go see it again tomorrow." There were probably about 12-15 people in the theater with us, mostly aged 60 and over.
Zero: The next movie MUST be better - there is too much at stake.  This world IS NOT LOST unless we give up on it!
JRMR: The Taggart Bridge now falls because of regulation. OK? but WHAT regulation and why don't you SHOW US THIS REGUALTION AND ITS TRUE EFFECT ON THE WORLD INSTEAD OF TELLING US! This movie does way to much telling and not enough showing. Honestly I had NO idea how bad an overbearing government was because the movie simply tells us it is through narration. SHOW ME WHY I SHOULD CARE AND DON"T JUST TELL ME ITS BAD BECAUSE "WELL THE TAGGART BRIDGE FELL DOWN" BULL SHOW THE EFFECTS OF THE GOVERNMENT!!!

A N Other: Who picked these producers? By what standards?
Abaco: The left is winning. 

Randfans in and around baseball include Cal Ripken, Jr., Milton Bradley and Billy Beane.


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maybe mustang is a fellow anonymous

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