Monday, September 8, 2014

Fenway's freezing booth and Yankee pitchers' lead-off walks advance to the next round of the John & Suzyn death list

They will go up against Getaway Night Games, the Loud Fan Beneath the Booth, Missed Yankee Scoring Opportunities, and the Tropicana Dome Sound System as the top peeves of the Yankee radio broadcast crew.

Next up, the final opening round. What do John and Suzyn hate the most?

1. Stats, which never tell the real story.

2. Fans who boo Ellsbury for his Boston roots.

3. Yank hitters who can't handle the over-shift.

4. "Experts" who criticize Jeter's fielding.

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Ken of Brooklyn said...

I keep hoping to see a comment from #The RealJohnSterling concerning this poll, I mean, really, how could he not be following this blog? LOL!!!!!!