Monday, September 22, 2014

You've got one game to save humanity, ONE GAME: What's your all-time lineup? (Hint: Mine has Jeter at SS)

My batting order in the Existential Baseball League ultimate wild card game. Beat this.

2b  Joe Morgan
cf  Willie Mays
rf  Babe Ruth
lf  Hank Aaron
1b  Lou Gehrig
c  Yogi Berra
3b  Brooks Robinson
ss  Derek Jeter
p  Bob Gibson

(If the existential gods allowed the designated hitter, I'd put Roberto Clemente in right and have Babe as DH.)


ceeja said...

Jackie Robinson 2B
Willie Mays CF
Babe Ruth DH
Mantle RF
Williams LF
Gehrig 1B
Schmidt 3B
Berra C
Ripken SS

Anonymous said...

pitching: Sandy Koufax

el duque said...

I knew somebody would say Koufax. I still go with Gibson. Nobody ever pitched angrier.

Once, in a bench-clearing brawl against Cincinnati, Gibson went into the Reds dugout and fought three guys - including Pete Rose - at the same time.

Before taking up baseball, Gibson played for the Harlem Globetrotters, roomed with Meadowlark Lemon, and was the guy who broke from the Sweet Georgia Brown routine to launch the dunk-a-thons.

After Martin Luther King was shot, Gibson got into a huge argument with Tim McCarver, because McCarver claimed he knew how Gibson must be feeling. They almost came to blows, but patched it up.

One game? I would go with Gibson.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Gotta go with Jackie Robinson over the worst announcer ever (well at least next to Tim McCarver).

And heretic or not, I'd probably take Pete Rose at third. Need someone to hit leadoff...

ceeja said...

Yes, Gibson was a great pitcher. It's a toss up between him and Koufax.

Can't stand Morgan. Robinson was all world. Had Jeter's baseball intelligence but with more talent. I'd also take Cano and Jeff Kent over Morgan. I might even take Brian Roberts over him.

el duque said...

I thought of Jackie Robinson. It's amazing how there isn't one great 2B in the modern era who absolutely dominates as the greatest ever.

We might even have to go back to Frankie Frisch or Nap Lapjoe - but I'm not sure I would turn over the fate of humanity to players that far removed from the modern day. (It's a stretch to think Ruth could pull his weight, but you cannot name a team without him. And Gehrig - it has to be Gehrig.)

I left out Ty Cobb, though, because he piled up numbers instead of rings.

Robert Merrill said...

Rickey Henderson LF
Derek Jeter SS
Babe Ruth DH
Joe DiMaggio CF
Lou Gehrig 1B
Mickey Mantle RF
Yogi Berra C
Joe Gordon 2B
Graig Nettles 3B

Whitey Ford P

If they lose and it's the end of humanity, at least my last vision will have been a great team in pinstripes.

el duque said...

That team does not lose.

Moneyplays said...

No one wants ARod at 3rd. Are we ashamed? Alex has to be in there somewhere either 3rd or SS, postseason numbers be damned.

ceeja said...

Good point about A Rod. I went with Schmidt. A Rod is better statistically, though you have to adjust for the different eras. But, I have troulbe betting humanity on A Rod.

I would put him on my all Yankee team, and would also go with Cano over Randolph and Richardson and Lazzeri.

Jeter SS
Mantle LF
Ruth DH
Dimaggio CF
Gehrig 1B
A Rod 3B
Maris RF
Berra C
Cano 2B
Ford P

el duque said...

Re: A-Rod.

You can't dismiss his failures in the post-season, except for 2009. I think Brooks Robinson would make the play that wins the game and saves humanity.

You save humanity with defense, right? And if Ruth, Mays and Aaron don't put runs on the board, maybe humanity doesn't even deserve to be saved.

KD said...

I actually saw Brooks Robinson make two errors in the same inning. even as shocking as that was to a young lad, I'd still go with Brooksie on your twilight zone team.