Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The dean of baseball writers pulls the plug on Brian Cashman: "I don’t think I have advocated anyone’s dismissal since a college football coach many years ago when I was a college junior, and I felt bad about it afterward. I don’t feel bad about advocating Cashman’s dismissal because he has had his chances and has made millions while squandering many more."

Murray Chass has been writing about baseball since Abner Doubleday painted the base paths. And like much -  if not most - of the Yankiverse, he has seen enough of Mr. Brian Cashman. 

[S]how me a productive farm system that Cashman has built. The Yankees haven’t had a productive farm system since the one that produced Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada, and Cashman was a baby in the system at that time.

Chass is the second veteran NYC Gammonite this week to hone in on the sad record of Mark Newman, the Yankees (soon to retire) director of minor league operations. Sunday, Bill Madden ripped Newman in the Daily News, though he didn't directly attack Cashman, other than to ask why Cashman let Newman fail for so long.

Chass doesn't let Cashman off the hook.

Under Newman, the Yankees have squandered high-round draft choices and have developed no position players who have been major league worthy. For years the organization suffered from internal civil strife between the New York and Tampa offices, each fighting for its position of strength. When Cashman was negotiating a new contract in 2005, he threatened to leave if he wasn’t given complete authority over the baseball operation.

Steinbrenner gave it to him, but he never really used it, allowing Newman to continue doing what he had always done, hiring old friends to staff the scouting and minor league systems and making draft decisions.

Moreover, Chass says one MLB executive told him the Yankees were trying to trade Dellin Betances last year - an absolutely devastating move, considering that Betances is the lone jewel from their system. What does it say about the "baseball minds" of the front office that they almost gave away Betances?

I don't know if Cashman has been the problem. But he clearly is not the solution. The Yankees need someone from the outside to run the farm system and direct operations. It has to be someone who demands full control - mostly from the meddling hands of Hal. Maybe there is a place in the Yankee system for Cashman. Maybe not.

But this year's team has been an all-out disgrace, and we are likely to be worse next year.

Bravo, Mr. Chass, for speaking out!

Calling Mr. Lupica... Mr. Sherman... Mr. Feinsand... guys, are you there?


Buhner's Ghost said...

Expert commentary from Duque! This is why we REAL Yankee fans depend on youse guys to scour the Internet for comments from REAL journalists to buttress your own opinions. See you next summer when we're in the Shenandoah Valley following the Pulaski Yankees.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

YES! Nice to see some writers have not drank the Kool Aid, here's hoping more are emboldened to tell it like it is!

Federico said...

Is duque a distant cousin of Cashman's? Why the tactful agnosticism about this dull-yed, inept, droning incompetent? duqye doesn't know whether Cashman is the problem? Then what does he know?

John M said...

That article brought tears of joy to my tired old eyes. Somewhere, Alphonso is smiling.