Saturday, September 20, 2014

Obnoxious Tropicana Dome sound system advances to Final Four of John & Suzyn sh-tlist

It edged out "experts" who criticize Jeter's fielding.

Next up, the other semi-final bracket.

Yank hitters who cannot handle overshifts.
Sunday night getaway games.
The freezing Fenway Park booth.
Missed Yank scoring opportunities.

Good luck to all.


Not Anonymous said...

I'm looking at Russell Martin continuing his run as a clutch hitting, top tier catcher and wonder what could have been if they kept him instead of Ichiro, and managed to avoid signing McCann...

the team would look a lot better and be cheaper and actually have room for our young catchers in the near future.

Mustang said...

You can say shitlist.