Saturday, September 13, 2014

It is high, it is far, it is shameful: Top 10 Sports Embarrassments of the Week

1. Ray Rice wife-beating video

2. Oscar Pistorius guilty of manslaughter

3. NFL's lies, cover-up of Ray Rice video

4. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

5. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones sued for sex harassment

6. Orioles’ Chris Davis' drug suspension

7. Pistons player pisses self during DWI arrest

8. NFL buried Alzheimer’s numbers of ex-players

9. Atlanta Hawks’ GM racist comments

10. Yankees complete $200 million collapse (note: this IS a Yankee site.)

Hon Mention: Syracuse coed jock gives racist, anti-gay tirade; Mets exec fired for getting pregnant; idiotic 49'ers announcer rationalizes wife-beating; Ravens' fans wear Ray Rice jerseys; Sarah Palin family celebrates snowmobile race with drunken brawl.

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