Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yankeetorial: Let us ponder the unspoken rage inside the Yankee psyche.

Another night. Another shutout. Another walkoff loss. Another miserable effort.

Right now, the Yankees are the home team of Hell. They are were in a pennant race, playing clubs who have been dead for a month, and losing to them.

Has a Yankee team ever played with less vigor? They resemble the beer-in-the-clubhouse Boston Redsocks of four years ago, famous for ordering fried chicken during games. It's as if they want these games to go quickly, so they can escape this rotting stench and go home.

Imagine the unspoken frustration in the clubhouse. Once again, a hit here or there, and they would have won the game. But they didn't. Once again, anybody who last spring learned to bunt against the over-shift could have turned around this game. But they didn't. Once again, the game became secondary to the all-important Derek Jeter Farewell Tour.

My guess is this entire goddamm team - including Jeter - resents - absolutely hates - the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour, which months ago became ridiculous. Listen: Jeter is a great player, but since when is every team supposed to lavish gifts upon a retiring player? He is not Hank Aaron. He is not Babe Ruth. He is not the greatest shortstop that ever lived. He is a rarity, because he never got involved in scandal - (mostly because he never married any of his women, thus he isn't five-time divorced) - and meanwhile, in case nobody noticed, Jeter's game fell off a ledge. It's the elephant in the room that nobody discusses. Joe Girardi's first priority this season was to sanctify the Jeter Tour, and everybody at home is still supposed to stand up and salute their TVs when he marches to the plate. Last year's Mariano Tour was farcical enough, considering how the Yankees ended their playoff hopes on the day Rivera was honored. This year was supposed to be a pageant. The Yankees were put together by Steiner Collectibles - no, call them the Steinbrenner Collectibles.

Why did we sign Brian McCann for five years? We had Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, JR Murphy and Gary Sanchez, the top prospect in the system. None could catch? Why did we make a three-year investment in Carlos Beltran, when two years ago we passed on him? What made us think he would improve?

I'm glad we lost last night. I hope we lose them all. Right now, with 73 losses, we would draft 15th next season. (Actually, we're tied with Cleveland, so we might draft 16th.) If we can run the table, we could bypass Atlanta (75 losses), Miami (76), Tampa (78) and maybe the Mets (79). Of course, drafting higher won't matter if all we intend to do is sign another Beltran. We'll lose the pick, anyway. Tonight, let's hope for another loss. Another shutout. Another walk-off. It's time to blow this thing up.


KD said...

I had the exact feeling last night as I did watching the last Yankees post-season appearance against the Tigers. There's simply no hunt left in these dogs. I'd say shoot them now and get it over with but we know we'll see the same crap next year, only older with less punch.

as an aside, the Yanks have already billed for next season's tickets. They've never billed us this early. I think they fear we'll sober up.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

This team's offense is putrid, they are zombies at the plate, and not those kick ass WWZ zombies that run faster faster faster and eat thru concrete walls to kill you, rather, they're those pathetic sleepwalking stumblebum zombies that amble along right into the waiting jaws of the tree chipper.

You've ALL said this a million f*cking times already, the only real fix for this team is the complete and utter overhaul of the Cashman Regime,,,,,, so, alas, we are forever doomed!

Tom said...

Girardi is awful, too. No imagination. By the book, even if it leads the team over a cliff.

How this complete collapse does not lead to the exit of Cashman is beyond me. This is the most disspiriting Yankee season of my long life. There is nothing about this to enjoy, other than maybe Betances' remarkable season. There have been plenty of good teams that were no-hit, good-pitch, and while we've got the good pitching, these guys seem to be going up to the plate with whiffle ball bats. Pathetic.

Most frustrating of all, there is no obvious solution, not the way Cash and the Steinboys operate, with the silly belief that we must be championship contenders every year.

And meanwhile, the freaking Redsocks are retooling while we replace the air in our tires with third-tier replacements and retreads. And while we give these lugnuts a two-week audition before sending them on their way, the Baltimores get max value out of the same guys: Steve Pearce and Kelly Johnson. Kelly "Useless" Johnson! How delicious was Sunday night for him? Steve Pearce: 17 home runs. Maybe they'll take Tex for Pearce? Oh, no, that's the kind of trade only the Yankees make.

I joined the Yankee bandwagon in 1965 so I think I've shown that I do not require a winner every year. But the Steinbrenner approach of the 1980s and now, sucks the fun out of rooting for my team. I would rather be watching Melky and Robbie than all these mismatched parts, and if those guys absolutely had to go, well, we shoulda played Z. Almonte, Yangeveris, Cervelli and JR.

But NOOOOOOOO! We are the Yankees. Buy high and sell low. That's our motto. CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Last night was brutal. I sat in the Trop like many (mostly) Yankees fans did, hoping for one final chance to see Jeter...because really that's all that is left this year. Every move has been a flop. A strung together pitching staff of surprises has been wasted by an offense of has-beens and under-producing should-bes.

Girardi is terrible, unimaginative and looks like a beaten man.

My fears are becoming true, the Yankees are becoming the Cubs, hoping all the fans will just hope for next year. And what's worse? We love them so much, that we do.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Great points Guys!
Unfortunately, and I hate to sound cynical, until these issues create real money problem$$$ for the organization ( ticket sales plummet, etc), seems nothing will ever change.

KD said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to see Jeets last night, Anonymous. There are many, many good Yankees fans down there. at least you were spared an 0 for 4 outing.

my last game is this Friday and I hope to see one final successful at-bat from the Captain. Hoping for a miracle, in other words.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Why did we sign Brian McCann for five years? We had Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, JR Murphy and Gary Sanchez, the top prospect in the system. None could catch?

We also had Russell Martin shortly before that. Martin wasn't looking for a long-term contract and he would have been perfect as a bridge to someone else for 1-2 years. Grrr.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm with LBJ, I was a big Russell Martin fan for his brief stay, Grrrr indeed!

Alphonso said...

If anyone had read my analyses at the beginning, middle, and recent points of the season, all of this was evident.

Cashman is the Ebola virus of this franchise, and they have just extended his contract.

The Steinbrothers do not care about anything but the continued cash flow. Financial success is what they believe their Dad would have wanted for them to maintain.

But he wanted a winner. These guys don't care, and the Yankees are dead for a decade, minimum.