Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seven-Step Plan: How we will win it all

It's quite simple.

1. We win our remaining six games.

2. Both KC and Seattle win only two of their final six games. Meanwhile, Cleveland (which beats KC twice) runs the table. That creates a four-way tie for the Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Slot Playoff. (WCAFSGSP)

3. We win the two-game Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Slot playoff. (WCAFSGSP)  In the first round, we beat either KC, Cleveland or Seattle. Then we beat the other first-round advancing team in the Wild Card Away-Field Single-Game Slot Championship Playoff. (WCAFSGSCP)

4. We beat Oakland, or whoever has won the Wild Card Home-Field Single Game Slot, (WCHFSGS) at their home park in the Wild Card Single-Game Playoff. (WCSGP).

5. We beat the Angels, who have the AL's best record, in the five-game American League Divisional Series. (ALDS)

6. We beat the winner of the five-game series between Baltimore and Detroit in the seven-game American League Championship Series. (ACLS)

7. We beat the National League champions in the seven-game World Series.


MJ said...

It's almost too easy. Steiner's better start stitching those away-team Championship Playoff commemorative cap patches right now if they know what's good for 'em.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Meanwhile, Cleveland ... runs the table.

Q: Which is less likely, Cleveland runs the table or the Yanks run the table?

A: Yes.

KD said...

Duque, put the bottle down and remember that Jesus love you.

Anonymous said...

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