Friday, September 26, 2014

Hub fans to bid Kid adieu

"Understand that we were a crowd of rational people. We knew that a home run cannot be produced at will; the right pitch must be perfectly met and luck must ride with the ball. Three innings before, we had seen a brave effort fail. The air was soggy; the season was exhausted. Nevertheless, there will always lurk, around a corner in a pocket of our knowledge of the odds, an indefensible hope, and this was one of the times, which you now and then find in sports, when a density of expectation hangs in the air and plucks an event out of the future."


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KD said...

I note that Williams did not acknowledge redsock fans during his final game at Fenway. He also decided not to play at all during the final 3-game series of the season at Yankee Stadium.

He was a skilled ball player, obviously, but he was no Derek Jeter.