Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NFL: National Fatherhood League?

Maybe they should rename the Metrodome "the Whipping Room."

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Tom said...

The Trop in St. Petersburg is the Yankees' new whipping room. Perhaps karma really is a bitch and the Yanks are paying some sort of cosmic retribution for blowing a 7-run lead after the 7th inning down there to knock the Red Sux out of the playoffs. That was certainly a delicious moment, but could we now be choking on it like a bad case of reflux?

But, hey, wait a minute.Can Tampa Bay pass the new Junkees in the standings? Since the team has made a wholesale commitment to sucking, the Yanks could "earn" better draft position in what remains of the season by losing so much that the Rays and even the Mets wind up with better records. Good thing M. Newman is gone so we can more effectively and properly develop the new talent we'll be drafting.

I admit to being pissed about the current state of things.