Monday, September 15, 2014

Hiding behind the kids: "I spent this week answering seemingly impossible questions about the league’s biggest stars. ‘Mom, why did he do that? Why isn’t he in jail? Why didn’t he get fired?'”

Hannah Storm didn't ask those questions. Her kids did. 

I hate it when announcers, writers or pundits can only criticize a power structure from behind a pair of cuddly human shields.

Just to be clear: I have nothing personal against Hannah Storm. But my kids, they said, "Daddy, why doesn't she say what's on her mind?" Hey, I can't help it. That's what they said. (Actually, they had to text it from college.)

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KD said...

and people say they "hate" A-Rod, who, as far as I know, never hurt anyone but himself.

But the NFL is on the right path, aren't they? Let's have some more anti-gun lectures and some more Obamacare promotions. And more retired hulking monsters telling how bad it is to beat woman and defenseless kids. More social commentary about the importance of fathers, er... I mean "baby daddies". These people have so much to teach us rubes.

Hockey anyone?