Monday, September 22, 2014

"The Post once claimed that after sleeping with women, Jeter would leave a gift basket of signed memorabilia in the car taking the “conquest” home. He’s avoided commenting on the item for three years. But he’s still annoyed. “Like I’m giving them signed baseballs and pictures of myself on the way out! Who comes up with a story like that?” He laughs, incredulous. “It said the reason people found out was because I gave the same girl the same basket and I had forgotten I’d given her one—like there are so many people coming through I forgot!” Even if Jeter were cheesy enough to have handed out souvenirs, he’s far too careful to have made that kind of mistake."

Derek Jeter Opens the Door.

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John M said...

OK, I haven't read that yet. Our issue always comes later in the week, which is highly annoying, and I never read that rag on the computer.

When he puts it that way, it does seem kind of a fantastic story.

The dumping and 'cutting off' of real girlfriends (and others) isn't a Post wet dream. That stuff goes on, supposedly. Like Bing, Jeter can be a smooth, easy-going guy. But as musicians who worked with der Bingle have said, you don't want to screw up and have those ice-blue eyes trained your way. Or in Jeter's case, never trained your way again.