Wednesday, September 24, 2014

McCann's Power Surge An Encouraging Sign That He Can Hit Meaningless HRs in Meaningless Games

River Ave. Blues has a post up about McCann finding his stroke late in the season. It makes some good points, I guess, but also kind of blames his lack of power (and lack of walks) on trying to hit the other way and beat the shift.

John and Suzyn must be spitting their coffee about now.

I think it's a lot more likely that the pressure is off and he's swinging more freely. Those outs the opposite way weren't necessarily an attempt to get hits, they were probably just lousy hitting and being late a lot. Hopefully he was just putting too much pressure on himself.

No doubt Kevin Long will straighten him out, as he's done with so many others this season. (*cough*) Guess we'll find out next year. Maybe.

Worst case, he could always learn how to bunt to third.

The link: McCann’s recent homer binge an encouraging sign heading into the offseason


Anonymous said...

a meaningless post

el duque said...

In a meaningless month of a meaningless season, all posts are meaningless.

KD said...

sure all this is meaningless but that is not to say it doesn't matter. Yankees baseball matters.

John M said...

All is lost, we can only pick at the bones to assuage our anger.

Hey, how 'bout them Dodgers?