Thursday, May 26, 2011

This year's American Idol ends with somebody winning it!!!!

Damn. It's over? Already? I was planning to start watching in the championship round, but I was planning to catch up with the Real Housewives controversy, and it got away from me.

Here's what we know: Last night, somebody with a big voice beat the runner-up, who -- according to tradition -- will soon become more famous than the winner. But by winning, the winner gets to appear on next year's season, which I will plan to watch and then miss, because something will happen on Real Housewives that I'll make a mental note to follow, and it'll get away from me.

Damn. At least the Redsocks had their man, Steven Tyler, become America's Sweetheart. But we had J-Lo, a Yankee fan. Damn. I can't believe it's over.


kevin doukilis said...

Steven Tyler is even uglier than me

Joe De Pastry said...

American what?