Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some News From Last Night's/This Morning's Game

There is some alarming news;

1. Mariano blew another save.

2. Girardi mis-managed the situation in the bottom of the 9th.

Any decent manager, and decent baseball man ( right SUPERFRANKENSTEIN?), knowing the pitch count and Colon's "roll," would give the man a chance for a complete game shutout.

This wasn't Phil Hughes pitching.

Girardi is inflexible when it comes to MO. It is like his obsession with tie games, at home, in the ninth. He always brings in MO as if "blind ritual" will always overcome today's reality.

3. The captain is no longer a clutch guy. I now groan when he comes up in the key situations of the game. At least twice last night/this morning, the captain failed to deliver.

4. That new kid in right field has guts. He was willing to stay in the
game ( though he thought he was awaiting his cheeseburger
at a disco in Jersey ), after taking that fast ball in the foreskin (er, forehead ).

5. Franciso Cervelli can't hit at the major league level. Much as we "pull " for him ( right, SUPERFRANKENSTEIN?), he is awful.

6. Our bullpen choices, despite creating and surviving about 10 bases loaded situations last night/this morning, and holding the O's to zero runs, are frightening.

7. The guy calling balls and strikes last night/this morning pissed off both managers. But the called third strike that pissed on A-Rod with the bases loaded on no outs was a good pitch. In the long run, and last night was long, we came out better on balls.

8. Give credit to that tall drink of water who pitched 4 scoreless innings out of the pen. His work was alarming, but in a good sense. Another guy we can trade in July.


el duque said...


Simply stated, you are wrong about Girardi's choice to go with Mo.

He has no choice but to go with Mo.

We owe everything to Mariano Rivera, and until he completely falls apart, we must always go with him.

Never question Mo.

Moe Dell said...

You've got to go with Mo

Angie "AKA PEPPER" Dickerson said...

that new kid is my son who was fathered by arnold

Joe De Pastry said...

I've been blasting Posada for his sulking on Saturday, but since Jeter was the DH last night, maybe in a key spot against a righty Posada should have been sent up to hit for him. That would have given the tabloids [and blogs] something to go crazy about.

Alph is Not Wrong said...


You are incorrect.

would you take out a pitcher for MO in a 1-0 game where said pitcher has a no hitter after 8 and a pitch count in the high 80's?

How about in a perfect game situation where we lead 2-0 after 8 innings?

There are times when you give the starter the benefit of the opportunity. That is an unwritten rule of pitching management.

Yesterday was one of those times.

Mustang said...

I gotta go with Alph on this one.

Alibi Ike said...

Never forget those unwritten rules. Like, when....when....

Shoot, I wish I'd written them down somewhere.

Joe De Pastry said...

10 years ago, got to go to Mo.
Now, not necessarily.
He's still excellent, but not almost perfect, and we mustn't overuse him.
But if Girardi left Colon in and he lost the game, Girardi would be roasted by most fans for not bringing Mo in.