Monday, May 30, 2011

We Always Had Paris

Curtis discusses Yankee mustaches in an interview
Q: Which Yankee would look good in a mustache?
A: Boone Logan said he can grow a nice one.
Q: How would Jeter look with a mustache?
A: Jeter would have to get a very pencil-thin mustache ... razor sharp. It couldn’t be thick. I don’t think he has the face to pull off a thick mustache.
Q: Mariano Rivera?
A: Mariano could get a thicker one, an “OK, this is somebody’s dad or grandfather” type of mustache.
Q: Alex Rodriguez?
A: Same type of one as Jeter.
Q: CC Sabathia?
A: CC could go a little bit thicker than Derek and Alex. His face is bigger. He’d have to get a little bit underneath the lip, though. It’s against policy, but I think he can get away with it.

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