Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yankeetorial: Questions I figured we would have answered by June 1

1. Can Jorge hit at the DH slot? Doubtful, but not sure. He bought himself another few weeks - at least a West Coast swing - with that clutch double the other night.

2. Are the Killer B's the real deal? Two are. Betances and Banuelos look strong at Trenton. Brackman is flailing at Scranton. He's a free agent next year. Ugh.

3. Is Jeter done? No. But he's not Derek Jeter from 2009. He's not done. But he will be soon. Enjoy while we can.

4. Did Granderson actually turn his career around last July? He did. Write this down: A guy's intelligence IS worth noting when we sign him.

5. Who will replace Colon and Garcia when they explode? Maybe they won't explode. Is that crazy or what? Forget Tommy John. Years from now, we'll be hearing about Bartolo Colon surgery.

6. Is A-Rod fully healed? No. And he probably never will be. Remember Mattingly's back? File A-Rod's hip in the same place.

7. What will the Yankees do with Jesus Montero? Donno. To bring him up, too many parts on the team have to be toggled. He's too valuable to trade for anything less than a stud pitcher. But where does he go? And at what point does restlessness at Scranton start to diminish his progress? Could be there already.

8. Is Robbie Cano ready to be MVP? Not looking that way now. Plenty of time.

9. Can Swish build on his great 2010 season?  No. Ozzie Guillen looking more insightful every day.

10. Will we have the best bullpen in baseball? Nope. Sori and Feliciano gone. Joba and Robertson to be overworked. But the guys from Scranton have done the job. How much can we count on them?

We should have all the answers by July 1.


Kimberly Jones said...

#11. Will Kimberly Jones finally get her 3 way with Jimmie Reese and Joe De Pastry?

David Ballela said...

I hope so as long as the golden rule is observed.

Alibi Ike said...

Ozzie does have his limitations, but honesty is not one of them.

Joe De Pastry said...

Can we invite Nancy Newman and make it a 4 way?