Monday, May 30, 2011

Who's Craziest ?

Excuse me, but how can this poll be closed before I have had a chance to vote?

This weed standing alone in the clover has a better chance for long term survival than the voting public on this site.

Open the polls. Open the poles.

I vote that Soriano is the craziest because I know it to be so.

Just one example: he is afraid to pitch on days when his neighbor is cooking beets.

Can you out do this with a John sterling anecdote? Do you have even one?

Those voting for John are doing so only because of documented on air bloopers, including his famous " faux amis " home run calls.

In short, you are taking the lazy way out. You are voting based on his ability to act, not on the substance of his lunacy. Please remember, this is not an election for national office. Acting doesn't count here.

Sounder rules and more meaningful logic must apply.

The polls on this vote-off were only open on the holiday and I was inebriated or something.

Re-open the Poles, say I.


Raphael Soriano said...

Alph speaks the truth. I say Anda que te coja un burro to all of you that voted for Sterling

Mustang said...

While we're at it, should we reopen the 2010 midterms? The American Idol vote? The 1998 All-Star ballot? Were you too slow to vote in any of those?

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