Saturday, May 21, 2011

YANKEETORIAL: With or without the Rapture, it's time to pull the trigger on Jesus

For four years now, the Yankiverse has heard the whispers: A young savior walks the Hinderlands, winning believers through the blessings of his ample bat.

Of course, the doubters claim this man, this "Jesus," is too massive to handle the sins of our pitchers; his glove shall never be made of gold. They say, "Trade him! Give us Barabas!"

Folks, that civil engineer Rapture-is-today guy got it right.

It is time.

Jesus Montero is approaching a full year in Triple A. He's hitting .319. He is running out of things to prove to the good people of Scranton and their mortal enemies, the John Wilkes Barrians.

Last night, we got four hits. Four goddamm hits. And did anybody - when they saw the woeful ERA of the Met pitcher - think we wouldn't get shut down? We ALWAYS get shut down by bums.

When you think of our recent lack of hitting - we are a team of .250, 20 HR and 69 RBIs - it's amazing to think of Jesus Montero languishing in the minors.

It is time.

Moving Jesus will unleash a domino drop. It will dramatically affect Jorge Posada. It probably will do the same with Francisco Cervelli, and maybe Nick Swisher or Brett Gardner. If Jesus is -- I hope we keep him -- obviously, the deal could go in any direction.

Frankly, I have no idea what to do. It's Cashman's job, and for once in my life, I'm glad I'm not him.

Considering that Cash may be in the last year of his Yankee career, a Montero trade would be his legacy. If he blows it, the Yankiverse will never forget.

But something has to give. Jesus is rising.

It is time.

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