Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fey and Gentile Yankees Yield to Knuckler

I'm sorry.

It was just too much for us.

The Met knuckle ball pitcher found himself against us after 5 straight bad outings.

Isn't that sweet?

Aren't we sweet?

We can waste many such games when our starter is great.

We just can't hit.

But we can spit lots of pumpkin seeds.

We are just so sweet.

Now we can talk about evening the series tomorrow.

A fey Yankee team is just fine.


Raphael Soriano said...

I told you these guys are bums

Anonymous said...


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Joe De Pastry said...

Awful Licks = Our swings at Dickey's knucklers AND the non-knucklers thrown by the relievers for 3 innings.