Monday, January 26, 2015

Hang in there NYC. Remember: Syracusans have 51 words for "snow"

1. Avalanche 
2. Black ice
3. Blizzard
4. Canadian Express
5. Champagne powder
6. Chowder
7. Closing the Thruway
8. Coming Down
9. Crystals
10. Crud
11. Crust
12. Drifts
13. Dusting
14. Flakes
15. Flurries
16. Freezing rain
17. Frost
18, Frozen water
19. Good-packing
20. Glacier
21. Glaze
22. Granular
23. Graupel
24. Hail
25. Hailstones
26. Hard pack
27. Hoarfrost
28. Ice
29. Ice-flow
30. Icicles
31. Lake Effect
32. Loose granular
33. Old Man Winter
34. Piles
35. Powder
36. Packed powder
37. Pellets
38. Polar Express
39. Polar Vortex 
40. Siberian Express
41. Skiing weather
42. Sleet
43. Slosh
44. Slush
45. Snow
46. Snowfall
47. Squalls
48. Whiteout
49. White stuff
50. Winter Storm Advisory
51. F**K THIS S**T! 


Local Bargain Jerk said...


In the words of Alphonso, in response to the original posting of this exact same list, "Is this what we should expect, on a daily basis, when the Yankees are out of contention by April?"

Please see:

JM said...

In the online marketing world, using previously used material is not a problem. It's called 'repurposing content', and every expert-like person in the field will not only say it's OK, they encourage it strongly.

Me, I thank Duque for the shout-out as we hunkered down for the record blizzard that wasn't. Kind of like The Christmas That Almost Wasn't, because of a man named Scrooge. In New York City lore, this is not as big a miss as The Hurricane That Definitely Wasn't, but it's sorta close.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:

'Booger Sugar'

'God's Yayo'

"Tony Time"