Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Knee deep in no-names: Kiley McDaniel rates the Yankees as the 10th best farm system in baseball

All the way to Antonio Arias and Bryan Emery - (an outfielder we signed this month for a half-a-million frickin' dollars, even though his trainer refused to let him be seen in big games - good luck figuring that out!) - the ex-scout chronicles the long list of names to watch next summer in minor league box scores. (Spoiler alert: He's down on Gary Sanchez, the son of Jesus "Ice Cream Sandwich" Montero.)

This is the Ancient Mystic Book of the Dead of write-ups about the Yankee system. You'll end up knowing more about Luis Severino's cat than you will about the Republican Congress. If you start now, you'll finish around the time Bryan Emery's trainer reaches Vegas. Ahh, but it's so delicious, reading about those future Yankee stars (which do not include Gary Sanchez, the spawn of Ice Cream Sandwich.)

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Alphonso said...

This guy can't be serious. We are, more legitimately, 20th. And that is likely a stretch of the imagination.