Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Things the Yankees will not do

1. Meet with A-Rod.
2. Sign Max Scherzer.
3. Sign anybody who costs a lot of money.
4. Run out of authentic Yankee Stadium dirt to sell.
5. Waste an entire year "rebuilding,"
6. Decrease the number of promotions during radio games.
7. Twerk.
8. Grow beards.
9. Let John Sterling manage a game, (as he rightfully should.)


One game. The man has given this team incredible loyalty, and he has suffered more than enough. Right now, he's living out of his car, but he's still thinking about the Yankees, and it's time for the team to give back.


1 comment:

JM said...

What the hell, let him manage for a month or so. July or August would be good, we should be mathematically eliminated by then anyway.