Friday, January 23, 2015

No signs of contrition from the Redsock/Belichick Legion of Lies

Two years ago, no community of sports fans was more outraged over the Alex Rodriguez juicing charges than the god-fearing pilgrims of Boston. As the A-Rod scandal unfolded, the screams of indignation that bellowed from this Massachusetts-based monastery of morality were louder than a billion A-bombs in a trillion volcanoes.

After all, these were the barefoot, whale-hearted souls of the Redsock Nation, a people who understood suffering like no others in history - except for maybe the Shakers, who died out because they refused to have sex.

Today, if you plan on visiting an online Boston "fan forum" relating to the Redsock/Belichick ball-milking scandal, I suggest you wear a body condom. Because in short order, you'll come to the conclusion that 1) Nothing here has happened, 2) Boys will be boys, 3) Rules are meant to be bent, 4) It's just a game, and 5) A-Rod was never born.

For the last two years, a blistering chorus from the Redsock/Belichick continuum has demanded that the Yankees forfeit the 2009 World Championship, because A-Rod was caught juicing in 2012. They say once a cheat, always a cheat.

Well, maybe it's time to extend that line of abstract reasoning to the Redsock/Belichick administration. They were caught cheating against Indianapolis because the Baltimore Ravens tipped off the Colts. Which means they were probably cheating against everybody... for a long, long time.

Considering that secret Redsock/Belichick operatives were deflating balls, one has to wonder what were they doing in baseball, too, in 2013, when Boston conveniently won its World Series?

It's time for the NFL to go Joe Paterno on the Redsock/Belichick Axis of Adultery:

I'm calling for: A complete forfeiture of the Patriots 2014 season, elimination of the team's 2015 draft... AND elimination of the 2015 Redsock draft.

It's time to show the Redsock/Belichick demagogues of deceit that they will held accountable for their misdeeds - and not just in the next life, but this one. You know I bet is in the middle of this? Curt Schilling. He's the E. Howard Hunt of this whole thing. Follow the hot air, NFL investigators. Follow the air.


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Crybaby hypocrites, I prey this keeps festering right up to kick off, LOL< then, if there is a God, Brady has his balls 'squeezed' royally Beast Mode style.

Anonymous said...

Beast Mode.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Hey Patriots... So tell me, how does it feel to be hated like the Yankees?

"Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you off your feet"